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Packaging Design

We run transnational co-creative workshops, provide active participatory user-research sessions and experiential packaging design support to export led or in-market producers. We have an international value chain oriented project delivery partnership with UK and Ireland based “Proudly made in Africa”.

Product Design

We apply techniques like use-case and brand analysis, future scenarios, cross-cultural prototyping and technology road mapping as drivers for strategic product design. With our research and design skills we are set up to help you conceptualise, develop and introduce socially sound, and commercially viable products and services.

Digital Content

Digital Content and Formats

We carry out field research and produce for digital content; user -journey maps, develop and test prototypes. We will produce narratives: films, photographic, audio and written content with you, and use insights from audience behaviour and attitudes, to bring your projects and ideas to life across multiple  – digital, print and physical – platforms.

Experience Mapping

We use human centred design methods to be clearer about what it is like to be your customer. To recognize what value means for people, in varied cultural contexts, it is imperative that we consider their ecosystem of tasks, operations, organisational and experience oriented issues where they interact with services. We adopt this approach to developing transnational enterprise models with project partners.

Editorial Design

We work on a range of editorial strategy services,for print publications through to digital platforms, adopted with design thinking methods to the needs of your audience.

Book Design

We are passionate about book making by design. We use co-creative approaches to enhance your initial ideas through to the finished product. We work with Books of Africa to provide a full design and publishing service.

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