Angela Lyons

Angela leads integrated design projects at OsanNimu. She is lead designer at Angela Lyons Design. Her experience encompasses over 15 years of directing and designing corporate and brand identity for marketing communications, information design, launch and implementation projects. In addition to this she helps create the overall identity in terms of look, accessibility and feel for a wide range of interactive communication products.

She enjoys providing direction with  typography,  data, graphics, sound, animation and other digital and visual effects to enhance information architecture on projects such as internet sites, electronic games, online learning materials and interactive television.

She has directed programs for Wardour, Cedar Communications, NewsQuest Specialist Media, Misys, Imagination, Gyro, GrandVisual and TechMix magazine.

Angela is a hands on art director when creating new publications. When she is not doing this she is working on and developing existing titles, from pitches, initial design concepts, laying out work to the final stage of design and managing a creative team. Within the creative process she walks clients through the design process, commissions photographers, illustrators and art direct photo-shoots, animation visual sound effects and associated forms of digital media.

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