Service Identity

WSE Nigeria Limited

WSE (Trading as Woodstock Electronics Ltd) is a technology company with audiovisual systems design, delivery, and support as its core competence.


Awareness in Nigeria of Woodstock Electronics Ltd is associated with easy-to-use systems design and delivery standards.  Design engineers run site analysis and define priorities with clients at the start of every project. Projects range across commercial, residential, retail, sports, public-sector, healthcare, and education sectors. Without a large advertising budget, how might Woodstock Electronic’s brand equity translate as an AV technology consultancy?


We went behind the scenes with WSE staff as they provide input into elements such as space dimensions, sound systems, light and shade controls. It is a collective effort with clients. Knowledge-sharing and collaborative work practice defines this collective effort between stakeholders: clients, architects, building services and WSE.

Consultative and installation processes are not mutually exclusive; client involvement is substantial. Technical support is conversation-rich.  The objective often is to optimize conflicting priorities: technical, budgetary and resources. To optimize logistics, administrative and technical talking points happen on digital media, mobile and social media; optimizing identity across digital, and physical interfaces became critical.  Digital and physical interfaces link behind-the-scenes conversations between partnership events, and industry ecosystem of architects, interior designers, engineers, and project managers.  A visual shorthand evolved from this logic framework.

The abbreviation WSE functions as a simple recognizable typographic shorthand adapted from the existing six-syllable word Woodstockelectronics. We arrived at a definitive direction through an iterative and live-testing process, internally and with a small number of clients.


Service Identity

Project Team

Multiple Print and Web Based Projects - Project Director: Ayo Onafeko. Project Manager: Hilda Adeogun. Design Strategy: Ayodeji Alaka. Art Direction: Angela Lyons. Web Advisory : Adam Benjamin. Web Development: Logic Replacement

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