UX-Writing with 805 Restaurants inspired by Documentary Photography

UX-writing with 805 Restaurants is an immersion study that involves staff points of view, and stories told by guests.

We approached guests in 805 Restaurants in Hendon, Reading and Old Kent Road to take part in this design-led research. References to the origins of West African cuisine provided guests and ourselves with talking points. In the background, we took down notes, composed photographs to understand and communicate issues around guests’ challenges.

After we shot and analyzed each image, we made sense of the story it tells as illustrative narratives. We used these narratives to unpack the guest experience, to provide an evocative profile of each participant, and make sense of their expectations. And create a context for the generation of UX writing.

We have used documentary photography as a visual record to

1. Draw insights from observational research.

2. Facilitate a problem framing process that identifies and captures stakeholder perspectives and expectations.

3. Design an editorial strategy with insights from staff and guest’s stories.

4. Make sense of concept and story behind restaurant design. And how 805 Restaurants works from a functionality point of view.

5. Collaborate across organizational functions and participatory research teams.

Project Team

Project Management: 805 Restaurants and OsanNimu. Documentary Photography: Hernan Perez and Ayodeji Alaka. Field Research and Writing Focused Experience Design: Ayodeji Alaka. Guest Stories reviewed by Research Anthropologist: Dr. Rebecca Jones and Editor: Kristina Moody. Website Design and Development: Propeller UK.

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