Woodstock Electronics Nigeria Ltd (WSE) briefed us on requirements for an eCommerce presence for an AV Systems Design start-up: This start-up will leverage WSE’s technical resources. The typical end-user is a registered installer of  *AV systems across Nigeria and Ghana.

We validated assumptions through participatory design processes. Particularly, what perceived might mean for installers of AV Systems. We interviewed financial service providers to better understand identity verification protocols.

UX audit and digital service design standards

We ran a service-design audit of local competitors’ sites and benchmarked them internationally. As a result, we aligned information architecture with product categories. Usability testing protocols involved User-Testing in the US, UK, and Nigeria. We drew on multi-disciplinary skills and perspectives spanning London, Lahore, and Lagos.

We paid attention to service-design elements of the platform that enhance customer relationships. An example that allows registered installers to view product discounts, and add their preferences to the till. Another is an interface to support training events.

We used open-source applications to develop and test micro-features such as shipping protocols to suit the needs of the dealer community. The project stayed in re-iteration mode, to respond to feedback from the end-user community.

*AV Systems Design: Audio-Visual

Project Team

Project Team: UX Research & Design - Ayodeji Alaka, UX Mapping and Documentation - Adam Benjamin, Backend Development and Training - Yumna Tatheer, Digital Product Designer - Phil Smith, Design Review - Angela Lyons, Insights into customer and dealer community behaviour - Collaboration with In-house team at Tradecounter Nigeria Ltd.

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