A film festival adopts design thinking to create visual and digital assets.

Lights, Camera, Africa Film Festival 2017.

Lights, Camera, Africa film festival brings local and international storytellers together to celebrate the impact of film on society. The aim of RESET as a theme for Lights Camera Africa 2017 festival was to raise the profile of Africa inspired filmmaking. Particularly its transformative influence, which was captured in the political and feminist tones of this year’s films.

We created a visual identity in conjunction with various digital and print applications. Illustration and typography give form to the personality of this festival.

A back-story

Like the multiple views that informed the development of this visual identity, perceptions of ethnicity, faith, sexuality, gender, and sub-cultures can be politically charged. It is either steeped in incuriosity, productive disagreements or enable an explosion of diverse insights. What each film screening this year share in common with each other is a unique perspective, to stimulate debate.

Seeing multiple perspectives is not just about listening curiously. It is about openness to unique worldviews. It creates space for possibilities. It informed the choice of films for screening as much as it inspired our design decisions. It is a visual asset for all the films in the program.

*Ugoma Adegoke’s festival curation and program team evaluated films and film-makers who seek resonance. Where reality programming tends to adopt documentary techniques to tell stories and create characters that could do with more depth, this program aspires to thrive on the human condition.

She introduced me to a film about James Baldwin as an entry being considered for this year’s festival.  I become aware of his work as a consequence. I then got to preview work about him through Caroline Deeds, a Documentary Filmmaker, and Documentary Film lecturer at Falmouth University. This made me appreciate the essential nature of the kind of film festival she and her team had in mind. It allowed us to adopt a design-thinking approach to define an experiential visual identity for this film festival.


Ayodeji Alaka


Project Team

Film Festival Identity Design with A/B Testing - Festival Director: *Ugoma Adegoke, Festival Identity Strategy: Ayodeji Alaka, Project Management & Communications: Blessing Abeng, Design Co-ordinator: Ismail Shomala, Design and Social Media: Kelechi Odu, Babatunde Joshua and Linda Agu

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