Ravensbourne UK

We work with Ravensbournes’ international development and marketing communications team to identify key messages to communicate to UK and international audiences.

We take a co-creative approach to delivering offline and on-line communication by mocking-up ideas with internal copywriters, photographers, film-makers, production staff and our designers for print and digital media. We are able to evolve considered and coherent communications – from digital pieces for students enrollment, international students guide, adverts offline and online, policy documents for management team to interfaces for local + international exhibitions – from feed back Ravensbourne’s internal stakeholders and core external audience.

Guest critic on postgraduate service design programme and specialists workshop delivery for DMIC
We are invited to support post-graduate service design projects as well as deliver design strategy workshops on behalf of DMIC (Digital Media and Innovation Consultancy) to London’s media, technology, design and consumer oriented businesses.

This layered working relationship with Ravensbourne puts us in a position to contribute in developing its organisational tone of voice. As well as help position its service identity as a digital media and design institution with close working links with industry. These are components of Ravensbourne’s strategic service identity and development project. Every part of the print and digital elements are developed to influence how clients engage with Ravensbourne.

Project Team

Design Manager: Ayodeji Alaka. Photography: Jon Barlow. Graphic Designers: Angela Lyons & Leo Cooper. Marketing Manager: Andrea Charles. Copywriter: Fabienne Williams. Business Development: Nike Awoyinka.

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