Development Project, Malawi Govt.

The Government of Malawi in concert with AfricaDevelopment Bank briefed an Executive Solutions Training UK Ltd led consortium to provide Training in New Business Development Tools.

Specific objectives for this assignment include:

a) Capacity building in business management and financial management for market-development projects.

b) Capacity building in consumer experience research and product packaging, for export markets.

c) Provision of financial management skills, for producers in the agro-processing sector.

We adopted scenario-mapping to simulate user-scenarios, in a Kenyan or UK retail environment, for a mock Malawi owned Tea producer: *Twalandiridwa Tea Flavour Making Company.

Participants include Umodzi Consulting; Malawian Industrial Research and Technology Development Centre; National Smallholder Farmers Association of Malawi, and Small and Medium Enterprises Development Institute.

Work-sessions process
The group worked in teams of five individuals to simulate a product development value chain within and outside Twalandiridwa Tea Flavour Making Company. We analyzed consumer journey maps against a design-driven international markets strategy.

Outcomes of this project went to form the basis for a local series of strategic train the trainer program, for the agro-processing sector. Sectors represented include footwear manufacture, wine production, and fish processing.

A broad exploration of design for export opportunities for the Twalandiridwa Tea Flavour Making Company. Scenario testing of participatory-design as a new business development tool.

*Twalandiridwa means welcome in Chichewa. Chichewa is a language is spoken in Malawi, Mozambique, Zambia and Zimbabwe.

Project Team

Executive Training Solutions UK LTD Project Lead: Veronica Broomes, Design Strategist: Ayodeji Alaka, Offsite - Dublin Design Co-ordinator: Kristina Moody, Prototype Developers, Visualisers: NS&K Dublin - Proudly Made in Africa.

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