Development Project, Malawi Govt.

OsanNimu with Project Managers Executive Solutions London UK, AAA Consultancy Services Ltd London UK, GOPA WorldWide Consultants Lilongwe Malawi and VACID Africa Institute Nairobi Kenya partnered to deliver this Business Development Tools development project in Blantyre, April 2014.

The Government of Malawi had received financial support from The African Development Bank
towards the cost of the Local Economic Development Project commissioning consulting firms to provide Training in New Business Development Tools, local consultants. Most participating consultants operate within the Agro-business sector.

Specific objectives for this assignment
This include building capacity of business development service providers in the following areas:

a) Provision of training in the area of business management, credit management and
financial management

b) Provision of training in consumer oriented co-creative marketing, export led consumer experience research, service design and product packaging.

c) Provision of specialized skills specifically focusing on a specific agro-processing sectors for domestic, regional and export markets.

3. The scope of the assignment comprised capacity building in the areas listed. The training and workshop delivery had a focus on technical know-how related to business management, consumer habits and innovation.

The project consortium designed delivery to consider the relationships between financial management, design strategy, credit management and market linkages

From an export market demographic customer experience mapping perspective we took a mock brief from the largest Tea Manufacturer in Malawi. Participants from a range of firms (from Umodzi Consulting, Malawian Industrial Research and Technology Development Centre, National Smallholder Farmers Association of Malawi and Small and Medium Enterprises Development Institute) participated in a co-design process to help their client explore and visualise the future of the “Twalandiridwa (means welcome in Chechewa) Tea Flavour Making Company” platform, based on end-user research role-played over a two day work-session.

AAA Consultancy Services Ltd London collaborated with OsanNimu to tie the Financial Management stream of this project with co-design work-session.

Work-sessions process
With participants working in functional groups of five “Twalandiridwa Tea Flavour Making Company” departments, they analysed consumer journey mapping outcomes results against a framework using a live “Value Added in Africa, Dublin” project for a Kenyan Tea Manufacturer – Iriaini Tea Factory Limited Othaya, Kenya – who supplies Marks and Spencer UK, as reference with which to develop a consumer experience platform and strategic design goals.

The results of this project will form the basis for a local series of strategic train the trainer workshops. The idea is to develop front end innovation team and ideation practice, which will be designed to come on stream with Malawi’s value chain of agro-sector producers. Typical commodity categories include animal hide processing, shoe making, wine production and fish processing. Each of them ideally need to move up the economic value chain from commodity extraction through product development and service design to staging experiences, for export.

a broad exploration of “Twalandiridwa Tea Flavour Making Company” innovation opportunities, importantly an appreciation for the application of co-creative development process as a new business development tool. Work is ongoing on an innovation knowledge platform to be used as follow-up support for participants whose clients are considering product development for export projects.

Project Team

Onsite Blantyre: Ayodeji Alaka, Offsite - Dublin Design Co-ordinator: Kristina Moody, Prototype Developers, Visualisers: NS&K Dublin and Seoul and Value Added in Africa, Dublin's FaceBook Platform for Survey Design Techniques. Producer: Iriaini Tea Factory Limited Othaya Kenya.

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