Customer Research, Narrative Driven Product Identity & Packaging Design

This project is a design process in progress between St Andrews Trading Co, Limited (a London based SME), a  community of consumers and a production team based in Hong Kong and Indonesia. Core to this design process is a circular design theme, that is as much as material recyclability, benefits of Ginger, healthy eating on the go, and  what these issues might mean to consumers. In this context, the project is a conversation between customers, producer and the product’s value chain. Design research and development is a *Conversational Narrative driven process, centred around customer insight.

Our sense-making of the feedback from this research led design process carry through to easy to use formats. These formats (digital and physical) surface customer informed narratives about the benefits of Chewy Ginger.

*Conversational Narrative driven design features listening to consumers for how they feel about ginger, Chewy Ginger, and circular design.

Project Team

Customer Experience Research, Design Development & Documentary Photography: Ayodeji Alaka, Pantone Review & Tests: Angela Lyons, Project Manager: Winston Riley, Prototype and Production: Hong Kong and Indonesia.

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