Anilas Sauces UK

Design Strategy workshops
We took tours of multiple retail outlets across London. We ran interviews with consumers. We drew on evidence from both activities to inform sense-making and design strategy workshops. A narrative about Anila Vaghela and her family opened a pathway between product development and consumer engagement. Invites were handed out to visitors to food fairs and exhibitions, to co-author this narrative.

At fairs and exhibitions, Anila collected stories about people’s tastes and preferences. They become invaluable narratives for evolving recipes rich in nutritional value. It becomes a relationship based signature, considerate of context in which buyers make decisions online or in-store. This is the backdrop to which we framed our design approach.

We ran a package design analysis of Anila’s Authentic Sauce’s recipes, from the consumers’ point of view. We produced prototypes with Anila, her family, and a small group of buyers. The use of evidence to improve design strategy and influence design management practice underpinned this project. This design strategy phase was followed by a design management phase.



Project Team

LDA Train to Gain Project. Design Strategy Workshop facilitator - Ayodeji Alaka. Client: Anila Vaghela and Family

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