AfroTourism Experience Design Strategy

Project objectives

To gain insight into the underlying needs of travelers and their motivation for using travel platforms.


We adopted contextual design research with a small group of travelers in Dublin, Johannesburg, London, Accra, and Oslo. We used comparative travel platforms to enquire about travelers’ expectations.

We gathered, analyzed and made sense of each traveler’s response.

This process allowed us to map each traveler’s goal against services available on existing travel platforms. We used this data to inform how the product experience might offer travelers’ meaning on one hand. On the other hand, it served as a framework for validating what they value. As a result, we prioritized information architecture, services, and content design for relevance.

Ideation and Concept Development

As the project team was dispersed between London, Athens, and Lagos we adopted participatory prototyping methods that afforded us the use of Hang-out and Facebook as engagement tools. We outlined content, service assets, and associated skills-sets required to support service delivery.

We used the outcomes of this research to question our assumptions about what people value about parts of Africa? We paid attention to how travelers preferred to own the experience that comes with determining travel options?

This approach informed the design development direction. We were able to map an end to end UX service ecosystem.

Underlying these activities were capacity building workshops with colleagues at AfroTourism to articulate a service delivery map.



Project Team

Client and Project Lead: Founding CEO Ayo Oyewole, Project Co-ordinators, Lagos: Miriam Chiazor, Ladi Shekete, Kelechi Ordu, Research Advisory: Adam Benjamin and Conall O'Caoimh, Design Research Co-ordinator: Kristina Moody, UI & Interaction Design, Katrin Mehl & Norman Patenge, Design Research: Ayodeji Alaka. Web Developers: Concept Maniax, Athens.

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