AfroTourism, a platform for travel stories & inspiration

AfroTourism is a community platform for avid travellers to share their experiences, read adventures of fellow travellers and network with a community of travelers within and outside of Africa

As a Lagos based start-up it is designed for travellers to learn more about African cities they would like to visit primarily through its destinations and trip-idea pathway. Both pathways function as features with traveller generated content and as digital guide-books for cities where travellers relive their adventures. Physical copies of the guide book are produced periodically in partnership with travel industry service providers.

Typical travellers for whom the platform is designed are London based fashion entrepreneurs – *Kiran Yoliswa and *Alae Ismael – who run Styled By Africa. They are both travel writers, bloggers, vloggers, and photographers.

Both Kiran and Yoliswa already run a travel journal on their fashion product e-commerce platform – They collaborate with producers in and explore opportunities across Africa. The value chain within which they work exposes them to unusual but fulfilling experiences. This is partly inspired by international demand for batch production approaches to product design adopted by their artisanal colleagues. In turn demand for unusual detailing and finishes are catalysts for the development of interesting production methods by Kiran and Yoliswa’s local maker community.

The idea is to work with travel writers or travellers such as Kiran and Yoliswa’s first-hand accounts of their travel which inspire and help fellow members of the travel community to choose destinations and plan their trips.

At the moment trip ideas and destination pathway functions in partnership with travel international industry partners – booking sites, airlines and hotels. Between the pathways and industry partnership the users’ service experience is evolving primarily through travel tips, reviews, curated stories, reviews, a digital and physical guidebook.

This provides local ambassadors and travellers at each city with an ability to tell first hand travel stories. Each Afro-tourist’s destination and trip ideas might be influenced by travel stories with worlds and experiences they find meaningful in addition to exclusive deals with a variety of travel industry operators.


*Kiran Yoliswa and Alae Ismael are founders of

Project Team

Ayodeji Alaka - UX Research and Design Strategy, Graphic Visualisation of Ideas and UX Planning - Katrin Mehl, Interface Design - Norman Patenge, Developer - Nikos Xenakis, Product Specification Advisory - Adam Benjamin, UX Research Coordinator - Kristina Moody, AfroTourism Client lead - Ayo Oyewole, Content Editor - Miriam Chiazor.

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