The 5th Lights, Camera & Africa Film Festival 2015

We worked with Ugoma Adegoke director to interpret themes for The Lights Camera Africa Film Festival program over the past two years.

This year’s theme, Future Forward 2015, is a collaboration with street photographer Uba Devesh’s archive and Ugoma.

Transformation is an urban story in itself. Story-tellers reflect communities whose lives are influenced by urban aspirations. We sought to translate it evocatively. We did this by visualizing Future Forward 2015 as a curation of the changing relationship between daily lives in Africa’s suburbs as sources of inspiration, the flow of ideas between them and global suburbs.

This visual narrative is composed to set a tone for the films showing at Future Forward 2015, particularly what the represent for an audience inspired by stories they recognize.

A moody shot of Lekki Peninsula suggests a place’s uncoiling ambition; the use of clean, stacked typographic treatment foregrounds this mood.

Uba Devesh’s documentary-photography observes the behavior of the Lekki Pennisula at twilight. It is an expression of the city’s character in transit. This is embodied in his thoughts about Lagos: “There is no shortage of resources for development. All the city needs is a leader with conviction and a burning desire for positive change. I believe a leader of such caliber will step up Lagos.”

Uba Devesh’s photo-journal are snapshots of the hustle, and bustle that characterizes Lagos. Lekki Peninsula at Twilight captures the essence of the city.


Project Team

Project Team: Ayodeji Alaka, project manager and design direction; Angela Lyons, associate and designer; photography archive; Uba Devesh, editor; Ugoma Adegoke.

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