The 5th Lights, Camera & Africa Film Festival 2015

We have been working with Ugoma Adegoke, festival director, on visual narratives for The Life House’s Film Festival programme over the past two years. More specifically in 2013 a marginal role through to 2014 in a role that took a theme, a curatorial approach and that festival’s audience into consideration.

This year’s theme, ‘Future Forward 2015’, Ayodeji Alaka, the team at OsanNimu and street photographer Uba Devesh’s archive collaborated with Ugoma on visually interpreting this theme. We interpreted the theme as an idea: ‘African or African inspired story-making for the future of screen, film viewing culture and an evolving international attitude to African film’.

Our metaphor for this idea is a “transforming target” in the sense that a new generation of transnational African and Africa inspired film-makers, their creative ecosystem, curators and audience are engaging with themselves and the world transformationally. We then sought to give an evocative meaning to ‘Future Forward 2015’ as a transforming target. We did this by visualizing ‘Future Forward 2015’ as a curation of the changing relationship between African cities, international spaces and the flow of ideas between them, this year and beyond. We recognize the role that this film festival is playing in shaping and contextualizing local and global aspirations of transformational African story-makers and their audience.

This visual narrative was designed to set the tone for the range of films presented at ‘Future Forward 2015’ and what they represent for film making and an audience building culture in transformation.

The use of a clean, stacked, size shifting typographic and geometric abstract textures at foreground of a moody ‘Lagos noir’ are arranged to suggest an uncoiling ambition of African urban spaces; in this case the route to and away from an emerging ‘Lekki peninsula’ as places of endless promise.

The informal and formal shape shifting of the ‘Lekki peninsula’ personifies this promise. Uba Devesh’s pictorial observations on promise of place is embodied in his thoughts about Lagos – “There is no shortage of resources for development: all the city needs is a leader with conviction and a burning desire for positive change. I believe a leader of such calibre will step up Lagos, turning it into the “Big Apple of Africa”.

Uba Devesh’s Lekki Axis photo-journal and attitude inspired in places the choice of material which we used to build visual components of this narrative. His photographs we find are spot on about the hustle, anxiety, enterprise and bustle that characterizes urban Lagos in transformation.

The team also worked with The Life House to produce this work for use to support program brochure cover design, environmental banners, other festival experience products, and the festival app opening screen and website.

Project Team

Project Team: Ayodeji Alaka, project manager and design direction; Angela Lyons, associate and designer; photography archive; Uba Devesh, editor; Ugoma Adegoke.

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