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Iriani Tea Factory Company Limited in Nyeri, Kenya was in search of new packaging for their range of products. The new handpicked and artisan tea range had been packed for UK retail brands, there had been an appreciation for product packaging to to be structurally secure to protect the product as well as having strong international cross over appeal.

We are working with Value Added Africa to develop new packaging designs to launch Iriaini’s range of artisan teas from Othaya, called ” A Single Garden” for independent and multiple UK retailers

This work is ongoing and has been informed by a co-creative approach, user-learning process that allowed the team to collaboratively inform the creative process by engaging with user community and Iriaini.

Using a line drawing and illustration palette, the designs feature intricate, hand-drawn illustrations by Nahee, Kyeouyung and Sahin plotfully illustrated product making and distribution stories to emphasize the small producer provenance with an engaging editorial design.

The illustrations used to express a narrative for the growers’ stories is  set against the natural landscapes of Nyeri whilst reflecting artisan tea agro-culture involved in producing tea.

How this project continues to enhance the product development logistics, impact international brand development has on thinking among project partners: manufacturers in Kenya, retail buying in East Africa and UK, global digital platforms and user-communities is work in progress.

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