Packaging Design

Product packaging concept development for Sports Accessories Company.

In order for our start up sports accessories client’s new product line – a handworn device for measuring aerobic fitness – to be successfull at retail their brand and product identity needed to appeal to gym going demographic familiar with visual cues related to aerobic exercises such as running, rowing or cycling machines, weight training, aerobics or aerobic dance.

The product, its functional identity and by extension its packaging had to embody the product’s benefits, be easy and comfortable to use. With this in mind we designed a structure that is a variation on the clamshell press which opens with a slow hop motion using push-tab mechanism that is easy to open.

On outer packaging we established graphic infographic standards using custom illustration of product use directions. This is designed, for application across product variation lines, online retail and product literature, to communicate and deliver on the product philosophy. Importantly to support the client’s nationwide distribution strategy at an early part of their start up phase.


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