Experience Mapping

Background .
We started out by reviewing Department for International Development (DFID) and Marks & Spencer project that enabled Iriaini’s Tea products to be sold under the UK retailer’s brand. We then moved on to discussing Iriaini’s value proposition with Iriaini staff as well as project team at Value Added in Africa (VAA) Dublin.

We engaged a community of consumers based in Dublin, around a set of prototypical ideas reflecting what Iriaini products might feel and look like, with participatory design methods alongside colleagues at VAA / Iriaini. They were typical Marks and Spencer shoppers and we needed to examine how current perceptions of Iriaini might inform their buying and usage decisions. In addition the user-group informally carried out their own competitive assessment to uncover perceptual strengths and weaknesses when compared to other branded tea product range in the artisanal product space.

Design approach is grounded in research.
Through structured user testing and other co-creative customer research and design development techniques, We limit the risk on project investment before the final design options are put out for a final online review.

What we are doing
Our team of creatives NS&K, project managers Kristy M and Natasha S have developed several concepts that imaginatively express Iriaini’s core product values, experiential interpretation of these values to support product development pipeline and inform brand planning.

NS&K are creating a set of final comprehensive packaging design which will go through a mix of user experience mapping and quantitative research to validate the proposed design solutions.

Outcomes for Iriaini
A formal discussion around final design concepts and a clearly defined experiential package design. Following user experience mapping and research and final choice of design, VA/OsanNimu will guide the production of the final packaging with packaging company.

Further work and thinking around how Iriaini might engage with UK and Irish consumer audience as an enterprise model, value chain partnership strategies; retail positioning and its piloting are work in progress.

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