Editorial Design

We spent time in Kampala with Jonathan Nsubuga and studio colleagues  over  a year observing how the studio operates, its business model and having on going discussion with JENsubuga before starting this project. Jonathan was also in London to review prototypes and advise at content planning stages. Prior to this project we had worked and continue to provide service identity advisory and production support to JENsubuga Associates.

One element that JENsubuga and Associates studio team and clients agreed on was a need to showcase work in a very upfront way, with complimentary narrative, to demonstrate context and thinking behind how each project was delivered. We managed to put the allure of Flash animation aside for the time-being: it seemed to be a favorite of architects, JENsubuga and Associates were not an exception.

We worked with various levels of photography quality to structure project anchor points  in the mind of the visitor. The idea  allowing users to ‘walk through the substance of each project’ as content.

This approach puts content as critical to the site’s Information Architecture: Project information is available when the visitor want it, clearly signposted.

Post usability test across various devices with users in London and Kampala Jonathan Nsubuga signed off a functional layout and supporting narratives that offsets photograph sign-posting each project within  their  portfolio. We have placed emphasis on negative and whitespace to give the photo-narrative room to communicate.

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