Digital Content and Formats

Interlex Solicitors are a subsidiary of our client –  Adeniji Kazeem and Co. Lagos.

They provide a range of legal services covering a variety of sectors. They are looking to help in-house legal teams handle complex multi-jurisdictional transactions, with international partners, where Nigeria is one jurisdiction out of a multiple.  Sectors in which they are advising in-house legal teams include integrated energy solutions start up, advising public sector healthcare providers in relation to project financing and as a CSR initiative helping restructure operational delivery for an Educational Trust with three schools in Lagos.

We are in discussions with Adeniji Kazeem and Co. about how to utilize a platform that would allow the firm to expand its marketing
and web capabilities over time to leverage legal expertise residing within the firm.

Interlexsolicitors(dot)com is primarily a responsive tool custom designed to help with a specific case issue. In this sense it is an interim solution. At a secondary level it is designed to jump-start the development of Adenji Kazeem and Co. with tools that might include a legal data model, internal website development tool-kit, content migration tools integrated with client specific digital experience interface.

We are working with senior partners at the firm to think around how to build a personalized, high touch communication interface, which is critical in the legal industry to drive targeted and relevant engagement through all interaction points.

We will be considering a web content management system that provides an easy-to-use interface for content management, design flexibility and robust content editing.

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