Book Design

Ogun State is one of Nigeria’s thirty six states and is located within the South West region. CPMS Nigeria Ltd was briefed by the State Government to produce a Regional Development Plan. The interdisciplinary approach taken by CPMS Limted for the Regional Development Strategy was designed to produce a framework for development over the next ten to twenty years, giving Ogun State a future sense of place, function and cohesion to live, visit, do business and to stimulate regional growth.


CPMS Limited as lead consultancy identified the need for research outcomes of interdisciplinary work to be an engaging experience, in terms of communication. It will be developed as a plan and call to action for local and international stakeholders, in the development space.

Working with CPMS Limited we facilitated design thinking workshops to map how research findings and articulated knowledge should be kept, referred to and used as a narrative. With a view to eliciting action from multiple local and international stakeholders.


“Our collective Responsibilty, Ogun state” is the title of the statement posed by the Regional Development Strategy Book. Its editorial design is a consequence of a design strategy workshop with Engr. Bayo Adeola, Gill Wildman & Nick Durrant (partners @ Plot UK) as catalysts and Ayodeji Alaka.

Further feedback workshops and in-city visits around issues (and places) central to the narrative were enabled by Mrs. O. Okuboyejo (Permanent Secretary Bureau of Urban & Physical Planning Ogun State), editorial seminars with high level public servants was facilitated by Ayodeji Alaka & Bryony Watson in Ogun State. Writing was by Engr. Bayo Adeola, initial copy-writing advisory and structure by Bryony Watson, flatplanning and graphic design by Angela Lyons, photography by CPMS Ltd and illustrations by Dapo Akintunde.

Editorial design has been structured around, thirteen themes of Land Use, Transport, Water Supply, Power Supply, Information & communication Technology, Environment, Economic Development, Agriculture, Manufacturing, Health, Housing, Sports & Recreation and Human Capital Development.

The book’s purpose beyond Ogun State is to describe with informed references, analysis by illustrating a range of participatory responses (to structural challenges) which development practitioners across Sub-Saharan Africa might find relevant. Particularly regions which share similar socio-economic and growth challenges.

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