Why I design

I design because I want to share what I’ve experienced with the world.
I design because the best solutions require thought and consideration — more than just the nuts and bolts, the colors, or making something pretty.
I design because I like to make for myself, my friends, the children down the lane, the business people on the shuttle, the pre-school teacher, the single parent, the music lover, the activist with the cardboard sign…everyone.

I design because I like to encapsulate my knowledge into experiences for others.
I design because I can see connections between the world around me, analog media, and digital media.
I design because it affords me the ability to do more than I could with my other talents.
I design because I like to affect change.
I design because I can add a piece of the human condition to something that would otherwise not be human.

I design because it’s a universal language.
I design because I want people to feel something.
I design because I view my work and talents as a gift.
I design because I don’t believe in can’t.
I design because I want to inspire, educate, and create.
I design because just as birds fly, wolves howl,, and whales swim, I simply must.
That’s why I design.

Originally written by Chris Grant at Medium.com

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