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Iriaini Tea Factory – Customer influenced Packaging Design and Development

The project set us (research participants, Value Added in Africa and Iriaini Tea Factory) interesting challenges from the outset. With Value Added in Africa and Iriaini Tea Factory we established a range of approaches, including use of digital on-line tools, to focus on the their journey as shoppers and explore attitudes and behaviours around product’s enhanced emotional and functional value.

Think aloud protocols were adopted in order to enable a specific audience type to tease out salient benefits of a few prototypes and their enhanced value if any over a specific time.

Research framework was designed for participant reaction and response to feed design development around their needs, tastes, habits, loyalties, and impulses they carry into retail environments, stories around which product values are based and how versioning by manufacturers for retail affects end-users.

In effect participants became a branded packaging design group supporting Iriaini Tea Factory with a design strategy based around engaging with prototype packaging through shoppers’ eyes. Their imaginative evaluation of how mock-ups feel on the shelves of a make-believe retail environment and buying situations provided us with rich data base of visual cues that elicit brand building relationships between premium branded beverages and people that care about sustainability from an ethical perspective.

This process impacted the dynamics of the design process as three members of the initial “think aloud” participatory research team became part of the design team. NS&K a three lady South Korean creative team’s response turned out to become a design brief.

Effective design resonates with people at every nuance around multiple touch points.

This kicked in when NS&K, team at VAA, Iriaini Tea Factory and OsanNimu rapidly absorbed and shared issues about visual, product characteristics and physical cues, that are key to interpretation and visual translation for Iriani’s consumer – in the UK/Ireland and Kenya markets.

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