Valcore Energy Nigeria Ltd

With Valcore Energy which was a start up when we this site was built briefed us to deliver is a simple showcase of Valcore Energy’s range of services.

At that point the directors needed their international supply chain to engage with their management staff, quite quickly. A primary objective was to build the site as a means of customers, suppliers and potential investors getting in touch with key purchasing staff – Kehinde Ajani and Oladele Falaiye.

This was a basic site design project with:

1. A Clear purpose

Visitors had to have a clear idea within the first few seconds of landing on Valcore Energy’s site,about what their business does.

2. A Obvious call to action

When visitors land on any page on the website, they are signposted clearly to what each service category is about. With a call to contact action emphasized, clear, and made easy to accomplish at the base of each page.

We worked with Oladele Falaiye to define Valcore Energy’s goals – for his team they needed to be simple to use, what was priority for them was for their international supply base to access their message as well as use their feedback to modify content, when necessary.

As a brochure site for a start up at the time it was developed to help increase service brand awareness, but more importantly, to generate leads for Valcore Energy – which it began to do once it was operational.

3. User-friendly navigation

As a brochure site it was important to ensure the site was in order with a clean hierarchy. As such number of pages are less than twenty. To ensure Valcore’s visitors aren’t missing anything, we presented navigation in a neat way neat, for accessibility – the visitor should not need to look around to find where each service. category is located

4. Social media integration

At the moment social media is non existent. For version two of this platform with internal resources in place there will a review of how to establish a social media strategy.

If you choose not to implement social media (why!?), then there is still hope for you. Website visitors still want to share your content with their friends, despite your lack of reciprocity. Make sure to add sharing buttons to your website to allow your visitors to promote your content for you.

5. Content development.

This is an area that will be reviewed for dynamics as resources to continually edit and update useful, insightful, relevant and fresh content is becoming imperative.

At the moment a regularly updated blog does not exist. A news or press release section could be a great source of recurring traffic as well. Another option relates to the social media mentioned earlier: if version two is developed for regularly post links on Valcore Energy’s Facebook page to relevant content on the website, traffic is likely to increase. Regular coupons, service support, and regular product updates are likely make people want to come back and consume relevant content.

6. Active Promotion/SEO strategy

The key issue with brochure websites is that they are only useful if people visit them.

The easiest thing to do is to just get the word out with people already affiliated with the company: customers, staff, friends, etc. This makes it an imperative to ensure web addresses are located on all company documents, fliers, email signatures, and the signage.

Promoting your website addresses in the right media would need to be considered, so people know an online presence exists.

SEO (Search Engine Optimisation), on the other hand, is about bringing new people to the website via search engines. SEO needs to be developed simultaneously along with the website, as well as well after the website is launched. SEO is a process, and constantly bringing new people to websites is not cut and dry as other service brands are competing for the same keywords.

We advise that clients to consider their SEO strategy, and who you’ll have manage it, right from the beginning of the website development process.

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