The Smoodyfruit Company

During the early days of The Smoodyfruit Company we ran formal and impromptu workshops at Smoodypod’s London design studio, in-home juice usage tests, retail deep dive to assess existing products at department stores. In addition we ran juice mix and production tests with users at specific mainline stations in London and festival events.

These creative multi-day events brought colleagues, diverse product and brand development teams, participants at events organised by Prince Tikare (CEO, The Smoodyfruit Company) together. Over a four year period, these events involved offshore manufacturers and project staff in the process of prototyping a smoothie making product. We developed a product range identity, range naming, visualised product packaging and designated an international intellectual property.

This process informed development of a international research, ideation and product development  network. Activities included observational interviews with suppliers at food and drink events, home styling exhibition shows, prototyping sessions: with product development and design engineers, and full-scale prototyping exercises.


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