Makerere University, Rungi Ltd + NFT Consult in Kampala

Rungi Ltd  and NFT Consult Uganda (who manage Makere University’s Career Development Centre) organized and facilitated a career talk on ‘How to stand out and Excel in your career’ at Makerere University.

Ayodeji Alaka, in collaboration with Archie Waters (an organisational psychologist) with Performance Through People International UK, were asked to stand in for a colleague for Ramesh Vala OBE with whom we were in Uganda as part of a UKTI and London Chamber of Commerce and Industry Trade Mission.

We ran a custom workshop for a multidisciplinary group of students majoring  in science, engineering, humanities, architecture  and technology. With the student groups split into issue specific teams this entertaining one-day session brought students, some lecturers, Rungi and NFT Consult staff through the process of innovation work-sessions

We explored a human-centered approach to improving public service delivery for specific demographic within Kampala considering some  real life capacity and resource challenges. The students’ varied  background as informed users of public goods in Kampala was  beneficial in terms of they explored specific issues and challenges from a knowing perspective.

Activities included tools and methods of empathy: walk in shoes of user-community, mock observational interviews with “users of anticipated public goods”,  internal talk from and interview with architects technologist, humanities students and engineers about analogous spaces, and ideation exercises.

The students  left with a better understanding of ways to collaborate creatively, hopefully with a view to resolving hard to define and solve issues impacting their ability to develop new services.

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