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Digital communication for a post PC Era and within a responsive web environment
Having insights into the consumption habits of existing/potential local clients and international partners in terms of joining their social and professional buzz were key issues for us at OsanNimu. We mapped the client usage experience by testing users with alternative effectively designed professional site; at a basic level website needed to describe the services JENsubuga offers, the successful projects they had completed, the experience level of their team and the clients they had done work for.

We reviewed words and phrases which we went to populate the website with. Text to reflect JENsubuga’s specialties. For example, “conservation architecture” or “hospital infrastructure” to increase the chances that prospects looking for these type of services will find this website when they search on those terms.

For local clients, the local names of town, cities and countries where projects originate from and delivered is informing form and content.

We had a series of onsite informal work-session with looking at how the functionality, written communication and aesthetics might work to generate leads that can be followed up on to seek out more business. Some of the issues we considered during these sessions include how to enable site visitors find value from the this site such that people who have a multi-screen lifestyle will find it helpful; how can service provision starts while potential clients are online. Perhaps “sector authority” publications they can download after registering at your site could be available.

Social Media
We considered how social media can be adopted to help you JENsubuga create dialogue with clients and prospects and build relationships. The benefits which we considered include client having a forum on their website where they answer visitors’ questions about the practice or how their projects enables visitors to view demonstrations of professional knowledge. They considered and prototyped placing progress reports about their projects on their own blog or on a site such as Facebook to encourage visitors to maintain regular contact. This is work in progress.

We assessed and used prototypical tools to build relationships with firms across East Africa operating in the built environment – construction companies, real estate agencies or professional firms in disciplines such as spatial branding, interior design or surveying, which could open doors to projects generated by partners’ marketing activities. This partnerships we assessed could be necessary to strengthen JENsubuga’s position when they are presenting their “partnership” credentials for a local or international project. The strategic offering offering the prospect a complete range of services to handle a project; they and their partners can compete effectively with larger practices.

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