Brand Kenya Board Nairobi

Co-creative workshop to question how value of cultural assets could be enhanced, for global markets.

This one day workshop was designed with all staff at Brand Kenya Board (BKB), to open up insights into Kenya’s regional intangible assets.

Concepts around sub-cultures specific to music, dance and theatre were examined. The group reviewed music in terms of how tourists have adapted and innovated around various media used to express Kenyan music. The relationship between travelling catalysts and culture, and the way in which they often come together becoming major drivers of destination attractiveness and competitiveness.

The group used a variety of prototyping tools to map how international cultural magpies re-purpose the value of Kenyan cultural assets, for international consumption.

Evidence based questioning nature of the work-session set up everyone in the room to curiously question their current understanding and ownership over existing data. The premise of the approach being working with state of the art data multiple times can mean uncovering deeper and more insightful approaches to “new cultural asset development”.

Cultural tourism in Kenya is perceived positively across global tourism markets. This has opened up the market to International culture and creative industries seeking innovation to engage with existing and new target audience.

Beyond promoting parts of Kenya as a destination, competitively and attractively, Brand Kenya Board continues to develop its absorptive capacity. The workshop in this context became one of a variety of ways which BKB is actively supports its ability to co-develop intangible cultural assets as a means of developing innovation advantages, and local distinctiveness, in an increasingly competitive tourism marketplace.

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