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Anila’s Sauces has rebranded post Design Strategy workshops with OsanNimu to place emphasis on family heritage and to be competitively responsive to International demand.

As part of a Train to Gain Design Workshop programme with OsanNimu as facilitator this small family owned producer needed to engage with its audience by leveraging intimate business relationships and authenticity that is a signature of its food development process.

In the last year and a half there has been an overhaul of labelling and brand engagement with core audience. This is paying with more shelf space at retail independents, such as Whole-foods Kesington, London Store, Planet Organic in London with corresponding jump in sales.

It is an evolving branding change at multiple touch-points for this family-owned Curry Sauces, Chutney, Pickles and Sips producer from about five years ago when the company dropped its start-up labelling design.

Design strategy workshops – in store competitive packaging design and customer audits – informed the company’s consumer research showing that consumers in London were seeking authenticity and more intimate branding.

Neat, directional information design linked to more personal stories and know-how about food making were becoming more popular and the idea of provenance.

The business model now means the range of condiment category products might be in a position to retail to hotels Internationally and could be served in first and business class cabins at international airlines.

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