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"...experience continues to advise us that business like life at first glance can be surface deep. We use visual, data gathering and prototyping tools to engage in creative dialogue with people immersed daily in issues that need to be addressed. You may need help to discover these answers. This approach informs how we think and do.."

Design Strategist - Ayodeji Alaka

We are a design strategy catalyst. We start with users' view points by adopting a learning and iterative framework to evaluate customers'problems; validate and re-iterate concepts with them. Intrinsic to these are various forms of design for interaction: physical product, editorial, book, packaging, digital content and formats and social interventions. This approach embodies our belief that effective design strategy consequently design is unlikely to happen without participatory methods with user needs in context and a validated learning framework.

What we do

We make value by starting with view points of people who engage with your story, product or service. We take a broad perspective about interaction design where we do not differentiate between physical products, printed artefacts, a social intervention or a digital interface. We draw on a variety of participatory methods and evidence based approaches to turn insights into prototypes; enterprise models, stories, services, products, digital content and formats.

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