The Life & Times Of Imran

This book is about Imran's life, in a Nation's History,…


Customer Research, Narrative Driven Product Identity & Packaging Design

This project is a design process in progress between St…


UX-Writing with 805 Restaurants inspired by Documentary Photography

UX-writing with 805 Restaurants is an immersion study that involves…


TeensInAI Space Apps Challenge: 2019

A question at TeensInAI is this: How do we enable…


Packaging Design

We run collaborative creative workshops to tap into multiple frames of reference and understand what value means to people. We use participatory research routinely to solicit user feedback. We listen out for assumptions, uncover opportunities to collect inspiration for new ideas and continuous improvement.

Product Design

We like to get out into the places and spaces and into the contexts where people are using the product and associated services. Often we find unexpected opportunities reveal themselves. We use this process to articulate ideas with users through varied communication design and research methods.

Digital Content

Digital Content and Formats

We carry out research to find out how the target audience might immerse themselves in stories. Data gleaned from this approach informs a dialogue between format, technology, content, and storytelling.


Experience Design

When you need support with developing and prototyping a product or service.  We design and define experiences by testing concepts or prototypes in the marketplace. We use innovation-workshops, participatory design, stakeholder interviews, film and documentary photography.

Editorial Design

We adopt participatory design methods to design and test projects workflow. We use in-house work-shops to build design management capacity. We also use it to inform Art-design direction, validate style-guides, publication layout, and production.

Book Design

We adopt design-thinking to situate book projects in a cultural or professional context. We use participatory methods to involve author, editors and readers in the publication workflow, from concept, design through to production.

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